The Penn Sleep Center is looking for volunteers to participate in clinical research studies on sleep apnea and obesity. However, you do not need to have sleep apnea or be overweight to participate. The following pages contain information about becoming a participant in one of our research studies.

Continuing with this form is completely voluntary and you may leave the website at any time. Any information you provide will be kept confidential and only used to see which studies you may be eligible for. We intend to keep your information confidential, but there is a chance that other people may need to see it. More information about who may need to see your information and for what reasons is on the HIPAA privacy notice that is in part 2 of this website (page 4 as you are clicking through the pages). Please read this form carefully as you consider participating in our research studies. If you complete the screening form, your information will be relayed to the Penn Sleep Center research staff. They will review your information and if you quality for a study, your information will be sent to the research coordinator in charge of that study. All research coordinators are part of the Penn Sleep Center. The research coordinator will then contact you with more information about their study and may ask other questions to see if you are eligible.

Why be in a Study?

By participating in this research study, you will receive a complete medical evaluation at no cost. All of the testing carries minimal risk and all information is confidential. If you desire, the results of your tests will be sent to your physician. For every test you complete, you will receive compensation for your time and effort. Before making a decision to participate, the research team will tell you about the study and explain all the benefits and any risks associated with it. You can then talk it over with your doctor and family to see if it's right for you. Our research studies are conducted by specialists who have experience in sleep medicine and sleep research.

If you are interested in participating in one of our research studies, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or complete our on-line screening form to find out if you are eligible. Completion of the screening form does not obligate you, in and way, to participate in a research study.

Please note that you may end this session at any time, however your answers will be transmitted only after you click on "Submit Form" in the final section. It should take about 5-7 minutes to complete the form. If your computer has problems displaying our screening form, or if you are uncomfortable filling out the form online, we can interview you by phone.